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Furious Swag is a RuneScape player who is a well-known Clan Warer. He is considered to be one of the most well known f2p clan wars players. Jon has been clan warring for almost 2 years and his rivals were Mamoe369, Armory, Jr jeeves, Cinndi and many more. He is an experienced and skilled leader and tanker. Back in his old days his Friends Chat use to get full within 2 minutes of advertising. He quit doing playoffs, but you may find him around World 50 at the South-East Corner where he usually hangs out with other well-known Clan Warers. He would often join other peoples friend chats during playoffs and assist them. As of late 2013, he has quit Runescape. 

World 98 Clan Wars

Furious Swag was the idealist behind World 98 Clan Wars. It is said that he gathered his 40 - 50 friends in his Friends Chat and had a huge conversation deciding which World would be a suitable world for Lag Free Clan Wars. His plan succeeded within the first 2 - 3 weeks. There were about 200-300 people going to Clan Wars daily. Then one day, he told his friends he quit and World 98 Clan Wars soon died out and became an Nsing World, (non stop ffaing). Even though World 98 Clws died, its amazing how he managed to gather old Clan Warers back together, but he wouldn't have done it without the dedication of other fellow Clan Warers and some Clan War Leaders.

Clanning History

  • Holy Knights - Left after 2 weeks.
  • Elite Assassins - Left after 2 weeks.
  • Genesis - 1 week, Kicked due to inactivity.

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