Fv1 is a RuneScape player known for being the first to obtain the Agility cape within 22 days. He started playing in 2007, after his brother showed him the game, and has been playing since. He was and still is a normal player in the community. Fv1 later switched to playing OSRS and is trying to defeat his own record of 22 days and make it within a 17 day limit.

Interview with Fv1

In an interview with Fv1, he stated that he had no intention on breaking records when he previously did with Agility, but he saw it as his only goal within OSRS until new updates allowed him to continue his goals. 17 days is what he wants to achieve but seeing as he had started college for A levels he is trying to maintain his position in College rather than play RuneScape as he once did.

Fv1 says Agility is one of the easiest skills, adding "When you look at all the skills Agility just passes quickly and feels like you're not doing anything but pass time a way and gain experience."

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