GI Jow
GI Jow.pngGI Jow 2.png
Total level 2684
Combat level 138
Other names Jowelet, jowelet00, jowett00
Nationality British
Started playing 2007
Achievements Many 99s
Clan PvE Hit Squad

GI Jow is a British RuneScape player; his current goals are 90 Divination, then Max cape. He is a Zarosian and he loves PvM; he is also a good friend of Viking Nico.


GI Jow made his first account called jowett00 in 2007 and spent a lot of time picking flax, but he ended up quitting after about 6 months.

In December 2011 he made a new account named jowelet00, now called GI Jow. After making his second account he played avidly for a long time and managed level up to a high level in a relatively short time.

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