Gazimir is a Belgian RuneScape player. He started playing in around 2006. Gazimir is known for his Soul Wars calling. He has spent most of his career in Nex Souls friends chat. Gazimir has a combat level of 200. Gazimir's username originates from an IRL warrior that lived a long time ago.

Gazimir's Soul Wars career (2012-2013 info only)

Gazimir joined the Nex Souls zealfarming friends chat back in 2010. Since then he has been a renown crasher and caller in the same friends chat. He achieved general ranked in end of 2010. Gazimir is considered as one of the rare veterans of Soul Wars and one of the few crashers in Nex Souls FC. In 2012 November 20th after the EoC update is released many Soul Wars techniques are being changed mainly because of the chat options which make calling more difficult. Since this date Nex Souls slowly starts to die and lose its loyal members because of the owners bribery fraud. Although many bribes happened Gazimir has forgiven Nex Souls and continued to call for him.

Around December 2012, Yt Haar (the deputy of Nex Souls) felt that the owner doesn't actually care about the friends chat, this causes much controversy and Gazimir becomes a key part in a small group that decides to crash Nex Souls on a single day and take over because he felt the owners did not lead the FC responsibly.

Sw Souls crasher group

In December 2013, a group of crashers quit Nex Souls friends chat with the intention to backstab him. Gazimir being one of them. Although Gazimir had a special task which included him staying in the Nex Souls FC and waiting for the right moment to mass kick it.

The list of Sw Souls members (not full):

  • Yt Haar (Owner)
  • Sensei Souls (Deputy)
  • Connorsz (Deputy)
  • Gazimir (Deputy)
  • Rich (Deputy)
  • Moha Karma (captain)
  • Aretology (Captain)
  • A N DI (Captain)
  • Chaoticbunny (Lieutenant) - also known as Bunny Godz
  • Emdac (Lieutenant)
  • Visitors (Sergeant)

and many other recruits and corporals.

In the final week of December 2012, Gazimir receives a command by Yt Haar that it is time to mass kick Nex Souls and start recruiting to crash him when ready. In the last week of 2012, there is a major battle between clans Wrath Of Sw and NWO (W44 United) and Sw Souls and Nex Souls. Sw Souls allied with Wrath Of Sw and Nex Souls allied with NWO (W44 United). The fight lasted until February 2013 when Old School RuneScape was released. Nex Souls gave up Soul Wars and started hosting a gambling FC in OSRS. The fight between Sw Souls and Nex Souls ends and Sw Souls shatters whilst everyone joins other clans/friends chats.

Ancientsouls is formed to take care of NWO allied with Wrath Of Sw.

How the members of Sw Souls continued:

  • Yt Haar: Joined ANS and left in March 2013 (also quit SW)
  • Connorsz: Quit SW and RS
  • Sensei Souls: Joined the clan Soul Empire together with former friends from NWM (New World Militia), Mr Spacer, Sw Wargods, Sanity and many more, it's assumed he might have quit RS.
  • Gazimir: Joined Wrath Of Sw FC for a bit and quit SW (although always ready to crash when called by any of his friends that still play SW)
  • Rich: Quit Sw and RS
  • Moha Karma: Quit SW and RS
  • Aretology: Quit SW and RS
  • Chaoticbunny (Bunny Godz): Quit Sw and RS (could be found on FunOrb)
  • Emdac: Joined Wrath Of Sw for 6 months (also quit SW)
  • Visitors: Did not join any friends chat but hosted many crashes (the only remaining member of Sw Souls that didn't quit Soul Wars, today he can be found hosting group-ups in order to start soul wars up in the FC: Sw 79)

Although all members except Visitors quit the minigame most of them are ready to crash when time hits the clock. It is just a matter of when this will happen and it will most definitely be under the command of Gazimir.

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