Total level 2,702
Combat level 138
Other names No Meow 4 U, I M Amber
Nationality Canadian[citation needed]
Influences Flared2
Achievements Very popular in 2009-2010
Known for Quest guides on YouTube.
Clan Catherby (clan), Gc20Amber (friends chat)

Gc20Amber, previously known as Amber Meow, is a 34 year old RuneScape player with a total level of 2,702 as of 7 June 2017. Her real name is Amber Morley(As shown in some of her own YouTube videos[citation needed]). Amber is most famous for making RuneScape Quest guides on YouTube under her channel called Goingcrazy201. Her videos are so successful that searching any quest on YouTube will usually result in her videos showing in the top results. As of 17 June 2017 Amber has 86,621 subscribers on YouTube.

According to her videos, Amber started playing RuneScape after her friend Flared2 constantly asked her to fish with him on RuneScape. Amber was introduced to the game with the quest Ernest the Chicken, and has since loved them. While doing Ernest the Chicken, Amber had difficulties completing a puzzle. She came across Sal's Realm and was able to complete the quest, but found that many other people were having difficulties with the quest. She recommended the website Sal's Realm to them, and many found it hard to understand. Amber ended up having to guide the people through the quest herself, and since YouTube only had a few guides for RuneScape Quests at the time, she decided to make some herself to help other people.

Many people have criticized Amber for being rude to her fans. She claims it is just annoying being so famous. Amber prefers to be treated like a regular player, and dislikes it when people overreact whenever she's online. Amber also plays World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV and Minecraft in addition to RuneScape, though Amber was inactive on RuneScape during the 2011-2012 period, she plays RuneScape very actively nowadays. Amber also stated that she has interest in making more RuneScape guides such as skill guides and money-making guides in the future.

Amber has achieved skill mastery in all skills. She tends to prefer skilling over combat, as she feels this allows her to chat with her friends/clanmates or watch a movie in another window. She obtained 99 in all skills at 2:53 PM UTC on 24 August 2015 on the account Gc20Amber

Amber now makes quest guides actively, she tries to produce guides for quests shortly after their release. She has also created a new account "No Meow 4 U" the purpose of this account is to remake absolutely all of the quest guides, miniquest guides that she'd ever posted to improve the quality of the guides on many levels and also due to the fact that Jagex has since implemented many updates that rendered some of her quest guides partially or completely outdated/invalid due to changes in quest areas or changes in quests themselves.

Amber also used to play on a hard core Ironman account "I M Amber".

Though Amber was popular many years ago, she has lost her popularity due to better written guides emerging, newer YouTube quest guides makers and most importantly her long absence/inactivity on YouTube in the past years. However she still remains one of the top RuneScape video quest guides makers and has since promised her fans that she will actively post video guides like she used to many years ago.

Other Facts About Amber Meow

  • Amber has a son, Patrick, and a daughter, Catherine Herby.
  • She lives in British Columbia, Canada.[citation needed]
  • Her favorite Runescape songs are "The Sound of Guthix" in Runescape 3 and "Sea Shanty 2" in Old School.
  • She occasionally plays with her domestic partner, Kire667.
  • She has a facebook page Gc20Amber/Amber Meow.

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