Gentle Falls
Total level Old School RuneScape: 1,007

RuneScape 3: 1,366

Nationality British
Known for First player to achieve level 99 Herblore in Old School RuneScape.

First player to achieve level 70 Fletching in Old School RuneScape & fletch Magic Shortbows.


Gentle Falls was the first player to achieve 99 Herblore on Old School RuneScape on 14 March 2013.[1] Gentle Falls was also the first player to achieve 70 Fletching and also the first to fletch Magic Shortbows; the profit from fletching the first Magic Shortbows in-game allowed Gentle Falls to purchase Herblore items in bulk.[2]

Gentle Falls stopped playing RuneScape competitively shortly after a poll passed for the Grand Exchange to be introduced into Old School RuneScape - at that time, Gentle Falls had one of the wealthiest banks in-game. In RuneScape 3, Gentle has a total level of 1,366 as of 9 April 2013.[3]


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