Total level Old School RuneScape: 2166
Combat level 126
Other names Brian, Brain, The King, The Mastermind, 4head
Known for Leading the longest running RuneScape clan
Clan Damage Inc.

Ghjjf is an Irish player known for leading the iconic top RuneScape clan "DAMAGE INC". His signature leading outfit was full rune with a chainbody as well as a whip / rune battle axe. Damage Incorporated was the first clan to hold the #1 F2P and #1 P2P rank at the same time while Ghjjf was leader.

He also went by the nicknames: "the Brain", "4head", The MasterMIND and "the Ite Man". His greatest nemesis wasn't 100fightmage or plazahitman, his greatest nemesis was himself. The Brain was said to be constantly running scenarios of RuneScape wars to the most minute details internally in his head.

Upon his later years his clan and the game went slowly into demise. The invaders from Team Crap like Hahrvee and Rushton88 really broke DI at the seams.

Fall in on Ghjjf

Ghjjf pking in P2P with a red phat when DI was invincible.

As a result of the Hurricane Harvey, which struck Houston, Texas in late August 2017, Ghjjf has set up a charity to help victims of the hurricane out. As of August 28th, he has collected over $40,000 and over 4bil RSGP.[citation needed]

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