Girlzworth is a former Runescape player who was banned for botting sometime in 2013. Before her banning, she was a range tank who often went to clan wars. Girlzworth was used as a secondary account in battle in case the main was killed.

She could be easily recognized by her pale white skin, pigtails, and she always wore a chefs hat during battle.

Prior to being banned, she was 85 range and 60 defence. 


Girlzworth was created in early 2011 when her master wanted to try out botting but didn't want to bot on a main account. She spent her early times botting at chickens, training both ranged and defence. She then sold the feathers at the GE for money. She trained on the chickens until she was 55 range and defence. 

After getting 55 range and defence, Girlzworth was ready to head to clan wars. She would often be used as a secondary account during a war in case the main was killed in battle. When she continued to level up, she would also be used like a main account.

Girlzworth continued to train at the scorpions in Al Karid and later at the dark wizards in Varrock. She stopped training defence and focused only on range. Eventually she reached level 85 range and continued to fight at clan wars frequently. 

In the early summer of 2013, Girlzworth was permanently banned for botting. Instead of getting mad or blaming Jagex like many players have, she accepted that she was banned for botting and felt bad for what she had done. She even sent a message to Jagex saying she learned her lesson and will never bot again on any account. Prior to being banned, she was training defence and just got to level 60 defence. 

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