~500 MAXED Players PERMANENTLY Banned!

Gonk Droid's current and last forum chathead appearance.

Gonk Droid was an American RuneScape player up until May 2013. He has since been permanently banned during the 2013 Macroing Ban Waves. 

Gonk Droid, while still a botter, was active in the community. He operated a Ganodermic Repair Service that repaired and recharged Ganodermic armor and Polypore Staves at no cost.

Gonk Droid managed to attain a total level of 2483 before his permanent ban, most of his levels obtained legitimately. 


Gonk Droid could often times be found at various skill sites wearing an Agility Cape, Agile Armor, Karamja Gloves 4, Seer's Headband 4, Fremennik Boots 4, Falador Shield 4, Inferno Adze, and constantly followed by a Sneakerpeeper pet.


Gonk Droid was a notorious bot user, and was punished with a permanent ban on May 13, 2013. Most of his skill levels were around 50 before he began botting and managed to raise all but Slayer to 99 before his ban. 

His massive amount of botting earned him a place on the top 80 botters banned during the Macroing Ban Waves of May 2013 as well as a permanent ban with no option to appeal.

Gonk Droid no longer players RuneScape, and has cancelled his membership subscription on his alternate accounts.

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