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Green Apple is a RuneScape player known for spending a large amount of time in game without leveling up, or making any money. After four years of playing, spanning from 2006-2010, his total level was only 747, and he had no more than a 3M cash stack, until his friend Apple gave him a max cash stack for his birthday.

2006: Account creation / first experiences with RuneScape

Green Apple's legacy started back in 2006 when he was in the third grade and his father read an article about RuneScape in the newspaper. Green Apple's father proceeded to ask him if he had ever heard of the aforementioned game, and when Green Apple replied "yes", his father asked him if he would be interested in making an account with him. At this point in time, Green Apple's friends had been talking about RuneScape at school for months, and he was eager to get started, so naturally he replied "yes!". The first account he created was named "pufferfish65", but he subsequently (and unbeknownst to his father) created a new account named "Green Apple" because his dad refused to tell him his password because he did not want him playing the game without his supervision.


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Bank value

Green Apple had a pitiful bank for almost his entire RuneScape career, but after his good friend Apple quit, his bank totaled over 100B.

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