Gross Gore
Total level 1,558 (OSRS) as of July 20th 2015
Combat level 126 (OSRS) as of July 20th 2015
Other names Ali
Nationality British
Started playing 2006 - 2008
Known for Livestreaming, YouTube videos

Gross Gore (Ali Larsen) is a British RuneScape player known for his comedy genre videos on YouTube and Twitch where he used to predominantly make RuneScape based commentary. Gross Gore has made RuneScape commentary videos for several years and his videos have over 10 million total views. He has a fairly high slayer level of 85 in the current Old School RuneScape servers.


The British video maker has not only made RuneScape commentary, but has spoken about many other topics such as chavs, girlfriends, drugs, jobs, his personal life, Call of Duty, teenagers and more. On April 28, 2011, Gross Gore created a video expressing his thoughts on the Royal Wedding taking place the next day. He proposed the whole wedding was a hoax in order to attract tourists to Great Britain. 

In RuneScape, Gross Gore has done significantly well as his overall level ranks 40,148 as of June 4, 2011, and he has a large clan chat named 'slaystars'. A year later, on June 23, 2012, his rank has dropped down to 55,088.

Gross Gore originally quit RuneScape to play League of Legends and World of Warcraft around early-to-mid 2012 stating that the community had gone to shit and that the game had become boring. Furthermore, he said that the EOC beta had made the game worse and unplayable for him. 

In early 2013, following the return of Old School RuneScape servers, Gross Gore returned and made it his goal to get 85 Slayer. He also stated that he intends to reopen the old SlayStars clan once he achieves 85 Slayer. 

On March 2013, Gross Gore began streaming on Twitch with his intention of making streaming his full time job. He used to regularly stream himself playing RuneScape, attracting over 2,000-5,000 viewers daily. He is usually seen interacting with his viewers and discussing numerous real life/RuneScape issues. On March 29, 2013, Gross Gore received over $2000 worth of donations in one day. As of 30 March, he has received almost $5000 worth of donations thus making him one of the most successful RuneScape streamers on Twitch.

He later decided to stop streaming RuneScape as he believed it was dying and changed to streaming League of Legends in his search for Challenger and to be a professional gamer.

On August 4, 2014, he asked his Facebook if they would like him to stream RuneScape through a Straw Poll and with a large portion saying yes, he streamed the next day in his "Quest for third age". On November 19, 2014 he made his last RuneScape video on his YouTube channel. He then went back to streaming League of Legends again. He got banned on Twitch on April 19, 2016 after he made several allegations against members of League of Legends team Fnatic and Krepo, a League of Legends caster. He claimed that Krepo was "talking shit" about him to other people and spreading false rumors about him. Krepo denied the allegations; Gross Gore later apologized and admitted that he was in the wrong.[1] One year later, on June 16, 2017, he was unbanned from Twitch.[2]

On October 10, 2018, Jagex released a statement that he was banned from all future events hosted by Jagex.[3]


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