Total level 2273
Combat level 138

Gws2 (formerly known as Gws) is a staker player. He started staking after free trade was released. He was scared of staking initially until he witnessed his friend WoMD make lots of money there. Gws2 then became friends with Channel 4 and E-Dater. He managed to turn a 5b bank into 20b then staked his partyhat set and lost. Instead of getting cleaned Gws2 somehow managed to turn his last White Partyhat into 25b. A few weeks later he got cleaned and quit for a few weeks.

"Rhyst2 is my favorite video maker on Youtube and a highly skilled player" - Gws2 24/02/13

The Rebuild

Gws2 managed to make 500m and began staking carefully. In less than 1 hour, he turned 500m into 1b and got scammed by a good friend (i Ride Bmx i) for 800m. With his remaining 200m he rebuilt to 500m and then he was back on track. After 8 days of staking he turned 500m into 30b.

One day, Gws2 had reached his 30b peak until his friend he talked to everyday decided to scam him 25b. Gws2 was so mad after getting scammed he started rage staking with a 5b bank. He kept staking until he made all the money back and managed to go from 5b to 45b the same day he got scammed, receiving good karma. After getting to 45b his new target was to beat Channel 4s' peak (80b). After watching Channel 4 lose all of Gws2's money to Starrychelx and Smite Yo Bgs he began to stake Apple. Gws2 cleaned Apple for 15b and was now at 60b bank. Gws2 then started staking Lucky D, Lucky P, Must Be Luck and Lady Starz, and lost a total of 20b to them combined. After getting mad at himself for losing 20b he started rage boxing his latest friend (Poonti/Maxy Pad). The session started off badly with Gws2 losing the first 3 blue boxes, but then his luck changed and he won 7 back to back boxes. The next day Poonti and Gws2 wanted to whip stake, and Gws2 cleaned Poonti for 36b.

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