Healthy 2808 chat head.png
Total level 2592
Combat level 138
Other names Plane N Smpl, Lm Choice
Influences Zezima
Achievements Max Cape
Known for Trolling/Spamming
Clan Army Of Alts

Healthy 2808 (now known as Geffery, and previously Plane N Smpl and High Im Kate) is a RuneScape player and video maker. She is infamous for her trolling personality, and her rank and reputation as 'Kate' in Jake's friends chat channel. She is currently on his ban list on two separate alternate accounts. Generally, many people compare her to "Bwainy", and "Yugger" in Jake's friends chat because of her clever and deceptive personality. She became maxed out in her skills in January 2014.

She has a YouTube channel where she used to upload videos from time to time. She no longer actively uploads videos on this channel.


Geffery Maxing on Runescape! .... That Spam

Healthy 2808/Geffery achieving level 99 in several skills at once.

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