Hey Jase
Total level 2277
Combat level 126
Other names jaseDemon
Nationality English
Known for Being rank 2 on the OSRS hiscores, Twitch streams
Clan SlayStars

Hey Jase is the rank 2 player on the Old School RuneScape hiscores. He was also the 2nd person to get 200 million XP in all skills, after Lynx Titan. Hey Jase accomplished this on 11 August 2019, after getting 200 million XP in Fishing.[1] He also streams on his Twitch channel under the same name.[2]

Hey Jase used to be rank 1 overall in 2015. He says he had a lot of time to play the game during college because his course only took up 2-3 days each week. He used to have a part time job, but as his Twitch channel grew, he began streaming on Twitch full time. Hey Jase has played the game for about 1400 days as of 8 September 2020.[2]

Hey Jase has an alternative account, called jaseDemon, which is also maxed. While he was going for 200 million XP in all skills, he made money through PvM and merchanting on his alternative account.[2]


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