Huge Charlie
Total level 2595
Combat level 200
Nationality American
Achievements Completionist Cape
Known for Creating the official HLF Teamspeak channel

Charles is a RuneScape player known for creating the official Team Speak 3 channel for high level players on the HLF (High level forums). It is currently a sticky on the "RS Discussion" section. He has a YouTube channel called "HugeCharlieRS" and is the creator of the series: "Mark and Marker". He is also the creator of RuneDate.


He started RuneScape in 2005 after a friend from elementary school showed him the game. Huge

Charlie obtained 120 Dungeoneering in August of 2011 and maxed in March of 2012 but didn't obtain his Completionist cape until June of 2013. 

Ss (2013-10-17 at 05.01.43).png


  • Completionist cape
  • 2595 total level
  • 1 Billion Total experience 
  • The most Stealing Creation Points on the Stealing Creation Seasonal highscores which was 14,000.
  • Top 1000 overall

Current goals

  • None

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