Eat Human clothed in a green outfit with Green Party Hat

Human (also known as EatHuman) was a RuneScape player that started playing back in 2003 when he first heard of the game from some friends. He is one of the hosts in Fishy FC and one of the closest friends of Fishy. He earned his few first GPs collecting Green Dragon Hides in wilderness and PvM'ing like most people did back then. He later on starting pk'ing and found out that pk'ing was good money and continued with that. Eat Human's first ever 99 skill was Ranged which he achieved at Fire Giants. Eat Human had 21 99 skills making him 4 skills away from being maxed.

Hosting / Dicing / Fishy FC

Human was never really interested in gambling on RuneScape before he randomly came by Fishy's channel on YouTube and got interested from there. He decided to take a closer look and contacted Fishy in-game where he quickly found out that he and Fishy had a lot in common when it came to gaming. They both played the same games so therefore they quickly became friends playing together. Eat Human's first ever gambling experience was on a friends account hosting in Win All Day. Later on, when Fishy started up Fishy FC, Eat Human was offered a spot as a host and he accepted. His bank at the time was estimated to be 350-450m. Since Dicing and in-game gambling was relatively new they all made bank at the same speed as their friends chat was getting famous. Eat Human was one of the most trusted hosts in the gambling community and he has been trust traded 80 billion GP making this his biggest trust trade ever in-game. The biggest pot he ever has hosted was 14 billion GP; at the end Eat Human's bank was estimated to be 35-40 billion GP. He was also a very much liked host in the hosting community throwing drop parties more or less every week. He is most known for a 24 hour livestream he held hosting and basically giving away everything he earned in that period in the Falador Party Room.

Banned / Real World Trading

Eat Human was banned sometime between 1 November - 16 November for Real World Trading, with him as with Fishy no evidence was given to him from Jagex LTD. So from this date the account Eat Human (Human) is confirmed permanently banned from the game. Eat Human says no rock solid proof exists that he engage in Real World Trading.

Hosting after getting banned

When the character Eat Human changed name to Human the name "Eat Human" was moved from the main account to his pure which he still owns today. When Fishy FC went down and all the hosts were banned Eat Human started hosting on his pure in Varrock FC which was owned by one of the former hosts in Fishy FC. Sadly the friends chat was never taken seriously enough to carry on and no one of the banned hosts on new accounts felt like taking the fight with Jagex another step, therefore Varrock FC died and Eat Human rarely plays RuneScape anymore.

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