Total level 2880
Combat level 138
Other names Humourer
Nationality British
Started playing September 2006
Achievements Comp Cape
Known for Personality
Clan Mining Golds

Hums (previously Humourer) is a British player who has obtained the completionist cape. He can often be found bank standing in world 114 and simply chatting in his clan (Mining Golds) or via private message. He is a LoreHound.

Community involvement

He is a RuneFest 2014 attendee[1] and was present at Game Blast 2015. having won the #TakeMeToJagex competition.[2] His is active on Twitter using his handle @Rs_Hums and can sometimes be seen on the forums.

In-game achievements

On the 5th of January 2015, Hums gained the completionist cape.


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