Total level 2707
Combat level 138
Other names Blue Asian, Maz
Nationality Southeast Asian
Started playing June 2006
Influences Sosolid2k, Krakkadoom
Achievements Maxed, 27 March 2014;

120 Prayer, 11th November 2014.

Known for Foruming, Warband Pking, Dungeoneering
Clan 3bo


HyunA is a maxed total player on RuneScape who is known for actively posting on the forums[1] and participating and discussing amongst other forum members actively on the RuneScape official forums.

She is the clan leader of 3bo which had a reputation for being one of the most respectable Dungeoneering Clans, although has dwindled down ever since. She also actively participates heavily in PvP events such as Warbands and Multi Clan Pking.

HyunA currently has 200m Dungeoneering and 120 Prayer. It is unknown what her future goals on RS are currently.

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