IDC Go Skill
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February 5, 2012
Combat level 138

BB Hilts (formerly known as IDC Go Skill, KOTE Hilts, Host Hilts, BB1) is a retired dice host who was once a ranked player in Oh Haro Der's dicing clan. He amassed a great amount of money off this and mentored many players in the game RuneScape. His early years consisted mainly of Mining and Smithing for a RuneScape "company" called We mine it, You buy it! co.

He took the position as leader after the founder quit RuneScape in favor of real life, friends and education over RuneScape. The company prospered and was one of the most reliable companies available at the time. This ended with the introduction of the Grand Exchange, which allowed players to buy as much as they wanted, at a set price.

He has a YouTube channel called HiltsDicing.

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