iLethality, or simply Leth or Jessica, is a P2P RuneScape player. She started playing back in November 2011 and has made a lot of progress. She is normally seen wearing Dragon armour with an Abyssal whip. She is also a good friend of Tz-Tok-D4rk and Tz-Tok-Kris.

She is currently very active in the clan Legion VII. She is currently ranked 2nd on her list of epic people, out of 20 people.

iLethality is probably most known for the December Crisis in RuneScape where she helped to foil the Wise Old Man's plans to steal a Christmas cracker and another Blue Partyhat. Some of her wishes include fighting Tz-Tok-Kris and getting 99 Firemaking.


  • "Are you kidding me?!"
  • "Alright, cool :D"

Other Information

  • Some people say she looks like Selena Gomez in real life.
  • She likes eating cookies.
  • Her private chat is normally set to On.
  • She doesn't hand out free stuff, unless she really likes you.
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