iTwice - Sandra
iTwice's photo on Daily-Log on her clan's forums
Combat level RS3: 101
OSRS: 126
Nationality Finland
Started playing 2009
Known for YouTube commentaries, Soul Wars clan career, F2P-style PKer, low combat with high levels
Clan ExiledPures

iTwice, also known as Sandy, was a well-known F2P-style PKer between 2010-2012.

She was known for her way of training her skills in Soul Wars and for F2P-style PKing.

iTwice obtaining 99str.


iTwice started RuneScape after her brother showed her the game back in 2009. She got hooked with PKing, and has been PKing since. She fell in love with F2P-style PKing, made advances in her Soul Wars training, and maintained low Constitution/Hitpoints.

iTwice quit RuneScape on 20 November 2012, the same day EOC was launched.

iTwice's levels 11th of December 2012

iTwice had a total of 6 99s in-game before she quit, including Strength, Ranged, Magic, Runecrafting, Cooking and Firemaking.

YouTube career

iTwice was well-known for her PK commentary videos on YouTube. She closed her YouTube account late 2012, after she was criticized for playing RuneScape because of her gender. She had almost 1500 subscribers before closing her account.

She was also active on her another YouTube account, which she shared with her friend. She has been releasing different kind of bugs and updates about the game, and re-released her first PK video there.

iTwice's last video was made December 2012, and she is no longer active on YouTube.


iTwice is also known for her career on the Soul Wars Leeching clan, where she got general rank, but after several issues with 3zealsFTW she got demoted and banned from the clan.

iTwice getting 99 Magic.

Idiocity, an F2P PKer, once tried to buy her account. This was shown on one of her videos.

Idiocity trying to buy her account

iTwice was part of ExiledPures clan, where she kept a Daily-Log about her playing career.


ITwice's PK video from 2nd account

iTwice is currently playing Old School RuneScape on account called Awies which is maxed and has 492 million overall XP as of 14 September 2020.


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