I Catherine is a Runescape player who is best known for being a Clan Wars regular and leader. She would hosts playoffs and fc wars on the weekends during early 2014. However, her leading skills weren't great so she would often have someone lead for her. She took a hiatus from Runescape for a couple of months but came back in September of 2014. 

Personality wise, she is described as being sassy, easily annoyed, and brutally honest. She acts like a typical teenage girl many clan wars regulars say. Nevertheless, she is still liked among most people and can be intelligent on the battlefield at times.

In terms of stat, she is level 115 with all of her combat stats being in the 70s or 80s. Her prayer level is her highest combat skill and she recently got 99 prayer. She had been busy working on her skills lately and took a break from clan wars. And she recently joined Titans Revolution clan.

She is still known and always will be known as best leader in Clan Wars because she still runs other's Fc when they aren't their. Not just that but she wins almost everytime and she masses really good but, she is recently busy with working on her Runescape skills.

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