I Mahatma I is a player pker who started playing in 2005. He started as a pure but is now a berserker pure. No, he's not a berserker pure. He has 18 defence.

His gear was usually monk robes, whip, and water staff. He also had a DDS with him but he barely used it because at his time the whip special was overpowered. He used the water staff for ice burst.

His youtube account is rsmahatma but he doesnt make rs videos anymore. Many people have reposted his old PKing videos.

He abused a glitch with magic casting the charge spell a lot. There was no limit on the amount of times it could be cast, which made it possible to earn millions of XP in less than an hour (VERY expensive). He did not get banned for it, but the glitch no longer works.

Location: Ontario, Canada Race/Heritage: (everyone asks if I am Indian) I am Canadian

Runescape History: I first played Runescape around December 2001. My first account was NOT a pure. It was a regular old noob. The highest stat I had was 63 mining (Mining Guild FTW!). However I did not like the physical appearance of that account, as I thought it was sorta ugly, so I started a new account (there was no such thing as makeover mage back then).

The second account I made, was my first pker. It was a "pure" in the sense of Runescape Classic (1 Magic), but it had 40 defence, and I used it mostly as a ranger. In the old world rangers were the only ones who could "multi" attack in the wilderness, so I usually teamed with powerfull melee pures (called "prayer beasts" back then). One of my main teamates was Sn1p3r Dark. Eventually I got bored of that range pker, because I could only get kills with the help of a meleer. So I wanted to build my own prayer beast so I could pk solo.

The third account I made was my first low defence pure. It was a prayer beast, with range-melee hybrid. On this account I learned how to "catch" in old wildy, so I really started to get lots of kills. However with 31 prayer and 50 attack, I was at a combat level where everyone protect item their rune 2h swords (they were worth like 1mil back then). So I wanted to create a new account that is at the perfect level where people had 40 attack, but didn't have 25 prayer.

So I created I Mahatma I. I built it to a R2h looting machine, and it worked very well. It was 40 attack, 1 defence, 50 strength, 42 hitpoints (too lazy to wine), and 4 prayer (5% str bonus for only 3 prayer levels, good deal), for a total of 33 combat. That was the perfect combat level where most pures had r2hs, but they couldn't use protect item on them. On top of that, since it was low level pures, there was not too many at that level who knew how to catch. So I did very well and got a ton of r2hs.

Runescape 2 eventually came out, and I embraced it right away, adapting and raising magic immediately. I had great success in f2p wildy, where I met some close friends, and we formed a clan called the Mayhem Makers. At first we were only a f2p clan, but soon ots of my clan-mates were getting members version of runescape, and eventually I joined them on p2p. Once I got p2p I got 43 prayer and started raising ranged. I trained strength up to 99, started making videos, and the rest is history.

Runescape Current: Nowadays I DO still play runescape, but ONLY for clan events. If I didn't have my clan, I would have quit a long time ago. Best place to find me is at my clan site http://mm-rs.org/forums/index.php


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