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Ice Poseidon
Total level 1466 (OSRS Main)
Combat level 98 (OSRS Main)
Other names Paul, Ice
Known for Twich and YouTube live streams
Clan Purple Army

Paul Denino, also known as Ice Poseidon, was a Twitch streamer and is currently a YouTube live streamer. His YouTube channel, Ice Poseidon, as of September 2020 has over 748,000 subscribers, growing from 400,000 in February 2017. His Twitch channel of the same name had over 290,780 followers, however can no longer be visited, as he is indefinitely banned from Twitch.

Twitch and YouTube career

He initially gained fame from his RuneScape livestreams. His first streams involved closing doors on players attempting to train the Prayer skill, intentionally slowing their experience gains for cheap laughs. He later gained fame from being a victim of the RuneScape clan ROT and being a key agitator of the Emily faked cancer meme.

He was later known for staking gold, pranking players, playing Trihard song requests and for the infamous Purple Army, which he and fellow streamer and roommate Voldesad were the originators of. The Purple Army gets its name from his RuneScape clan chat appearing as purple dots on the RuneScape minimap. In modern times, when he does play, he openly admits that he buys gold with real world cash to stake against other players.

He gained his fame outside of the RuneScape section shortly after the first Deadman tournaments for being one of the first streamers to adopt the mobile game Pokemon GO, and starting the IRL streaming craze. These were usually solo streams, where Paul would talk to random people on the street and not really play Pokemon GO. Although IRL livestreams were always popular on Twitch, they were not "normalized content". Twitch openly opposed and banned people from streaming IRL content until the Pokemon GO era where people would use Pokemon GO as their excuse to stream outdoors. Twitch would later permanently establish the IRL section after many popular streamers began streaming outdoors, and YouTube would establish the Youtube Gaming section in direct competition.

Paul is friends with other live streamers such as Reckful, Andy Milonakis, Gross Gore, Greek, Sodapoppin and Mitch Jones. His subreddit was one of the most active subreddits; the subreddit went through both times of high and low traffic depending on the frequency and quality of streams.

Ice Poseidon posts would occasionally reach the top of the front page of Reddit. The mentioned streamers were taking an absence from streaming and thus this helped the initial growth of Ice. They have all since moved back into Ice's niche and some had become his competition.

Initially from Florida, Paul later moved to Los Angeles, and streams his life without really playing video-games, alongside his friends Voldesad, Scuffed Steve Jobs, Jacob, Kyle, Hampton Brandon, Sam Pepper, Mexican Andy, and Andy Milonakis. Although the cast of the Ice Poseidon show changes often, the mentioned cast members are usually on the script, whereas those not mentioned are either new, or will fade from relevance given an interval of time, some of these more tentative cast members include:

Cornbread, Kyle, Geisha, Haile, Nathan, Greek, The Milfs, The playbunnies, Erin, EBZ, Cassandra, Corin, DJ, Jim Carrey, Cam, Nikita, Hyphonix, Black, and Burger Planet, Mizkif.

all of which except Voldesad only appeared after Paul moved to Los Angeles. Some of them now are on stream far less often. Many believe that Ice's peak was in March of 2017 and ever since his content has been getting less frequent. Much of Ice's community left; however, a new community has appeared to replace those that left.

Paul's initial success as a streamer was all too similar to the ex-WoW streamer phenomenon. Viewers saw him as a blank slate they could project themselves onto. Watching Paul's mistakes and adventures gave them a chance to experience the real outside world by living vicariously through him. Many original viewers came from games such as RuneScape or World of Warcraft and had not developed friendships or lives of their own. As Paul had adjusted socially, becoming more normal; he became less like them, and the older community turned on Paul, subsequently leaving forever.

Ice Poseidon since recovered; and became larger than ever; however the atmosphere and general content delivered had changed substantially in the process. Ice won a 16 billion stake around 16000 dollars in gold and attempted a 16 billion drop party, which subsequently crashed several servers.

On April 27, 2017, someone falsely claimed Ice Poseidon was carrying a bomb on a flight to Phoenix. He and another internet broadcaster were removed from the plane, and the FBI questioned him before releasing him.[1] Ice Poseidon's Twitch account was banned the next day. In a YouTube video he said that the ban was due to disclosing his location at the airport on a live stream before the flight. He stated the ban was permanent, but that he could appeal the ban in six months.

Mizkif was invited onto the RV trip, where he became Ice Poseidon's camera man.


  • Ice is associated with the TriHard emote due to many accounts of racist song requests.
    • He was banned on November 3, 2016 for a week after Twitch viewer Curlifornia exploited the word filter on text-to-speech donations.
    • He has disabled any song requests and has hidden subscriber notifications, but he still acknowledges the username if it is not edgy.
  • Some phrases used by Paul Denino are:
    • "What arm thing homie?"
    • "Whatchyu meaaaaan?"
    • "She said she was 18 homie!"
    • "mofking ass."
    • "Listen dood."
  • Ice Poseidon has also had three girlfriends during his streaming career.


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