Choice wearing a Completionist Cape
Total level 2736
Combat level 138
Nationality Canadian
Started playing 2002
Known for • First person to reach 99 Divination.

• First person to reach 2595 total level.

• Seventh person to reach the maximum total level before anyone else.

Clan Expected
Im Choice chat head.png

Im Choice (Now known as "Choice") is a RuneScape player with a completionist cape, known for being the first player to reach 99 Divination on 29 August 2013.[1]

This achievement made him the first person to reach 2595 total, the highest total level attainable as of August 2013. As a result of this, he was ranked number one on the overall hiscores for a short time. Im Choice is also recognized as just the seventh person to attain the maximum total level before anyone else.

He achieved 99 Divination 226* hours after its release, and it took him 210** hours in-game time to reach the maximum level. At the time he leveled, he was approximately 4 hours in-game time ahead of the second person to attain 99 Divination.

The speed in which he achieved 1-99 Divination is the third fastest completion of a level 99 skill that any player has achieved upon release, with 1-99 Construction being the second fastest at 7 days (Set by Cursed You), and 99 Invention in under 24 hours (Set by Scuzzy). This is an impressive feat, considering Construction and Invention experience rates are significantly higher than Divination.

*226 hours equates to 9 days, 10 hours.

 **210 hours equates to 8 days, 18 hours.


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