Role in Clan Quark and ID

Imp Pateint is a fairly new member to the Clan Quark as of March 2014, he has only been a member of the CC for a couple months.  He is best known for being a scoundrel and cool.

The Rise of the Nuts

The story of "pc nuts" has humble beginnings.  It starts with a friends chat.  The Friends Chat "Flip Flops" often spammed R Quark, and this sparked much hatred in the "Quarkies."  Imp Pateint as well as many other members of Clan Quark decided to give Flops a taste of their own medicine.  He and the rest of the Quarkies have trolled through the use of nuts so much that saying "pc nuts" has become a KOS (Kick On Sight) offence in Flip Flops.  Soon after this, he changed the name of his alt account to "pc nuts" as a one last insult to Flip Flops.

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