Indio500 pictured in old Varrock
Total level 1834
Combat level 174
Other names Indio
Started playing 2005
Known for For his legendness
Clan Dragonkin Republic

Indio500 is an active RuneScape player who is known for his old friends chat, and clan called Dragonkin Republic. He has been playing on and off since 2005 and is respected by many of his friends.

Runescape Carrer

Indio500 started RuneScape around Late 2004-Early 2005. His adventure begins on tutorial island which he took around an hour to complete spread over 2 days! After ending up in lumbridge he wandered around Lumbridge and did his first quest: Cooks assistant. He trainined his skills and combat and did as many quests as he could. By late 2006 he had a Dragon Longsword, 60 attack and low levels in every other skill. He then proceeded to train all his skills to become close to each other. Through 2007-2010 he continued to have lots of fun. In early 2010 he decided to quit Runescape. But later came back when he heard that the wilderness and free trade were coming back. He founded Thy Dragon warriors in 2011 But by late 2012 he decided to quit as no friends still played. But when some of his friends came back, he started to play again. Around late June/early July him and his admins decided to make a new clan and the old one had basically died. His new clan Dragonkin Republic is an active clan to present with over 30 members As of August 2013.

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