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Iomegadrive1 is a RuneScape player and video maker. He often covers topics many find controversial. He was the first person to openly start a campaign to stop merchanting clans and was featured in a video by Silentc0re about the subject. He has also went after famous RuneScape YouTubers such as Sparc Mac, stating that they were exploiting people who play RuneScape or their subscribers. He has talked about the following YouTubers in great detail in some form or another:

He attempts to gain more of the mature RuneScape players as viewers on his YouTube channel. He often makes the point of his viewers listening to his opinions rather than paying attention to nothing but graphics. He is one of the few video makers who make RuneScape rants in which he explains what he considers the less amazing parts of RuneScape, even if that means he will face backlash. He even claimed at one point to support private servers saying they "offered the nostalgia of Runescape when it wasn't all about the money". He was then hacked by a private server website and blatantly asked for money on RuneScape, which many respected due to his honesty.

He used to make videos on the account Runescapades which was suspended after he reached 1k subscribers due to conflicts with an old channel. Him and Silentc0re appear to talk but it is unknown how regularly.

He quit RuneScape due to the Jagex's monetization scheme. He is now playing Guild Wars 2.

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