Iskaram is a level 121 RuneScape player. One of the things that is known about him is he is very cautious of death within the game. He was a member of the clan City of Elochad, owned by Nectovelius, before its fall. After Nectovelius left, Iskaram was left in charge, but disbanded it when only one other person was a member. He is normally seen wearing a full slayer helmet and the Woodcutting skillcape. He is a follower of Zaros but also is a follower of a god he calls Ceiling Cat (he seems to be joking, as Ceiling Cat is the god of cats on Players that have met him say that he is friendly and will sometimes give advice and help. He openly speaks out against scamming and other deplored acts. He is now classified as an enemy of the player Lord Drascul. In Iskaram's words, "If he wants to take down Jagex, then why is he paying to play a game they own? Even if he's roleplaying, what he says may make Jagex need to ban him."

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