Veteran Ivibaya Front.png
Ivibaya wearing a ten years veteran cape
Total level 1685
Nationality Spanish
Started playing February 2002
Known for Founder of Clan CB
Clan Caballeros Blancos
Ivibaya chat.png

Ivibaya is an Spanish player that started playing in February 2002. He was playing Argentum Online when a classmate showed RuneScape to him.

Player career

Ivibaya in 2004

Ivibaya found a clan called "Caballeros Blancos de Runescape" ("White Knights of Runescape"), where all Spanish and Latin Americans can participate. The clan became a big Spanish community where lot of people found friends and allies in the playthrough. The community was very active until 2005, when it started to be abandoned because members of the clan started adult life, and he was unable to manage the Clan administration by his own, so he decided to close the clan.

One of the last clan wilderness communities, on August-30-2005

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