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A Jagex Moderator talks in-game. A gold crown appears next to the moderator's name in chat.

An example of a Jagex Moderator message in RuneScape

A Jagex Moderator, also known as a Jagex Mod or a "JMod", is a person who works for Jagex. Since Jagex was founded in 2001, it has grown from 4 employees to over 300 as of 2018.[1] Most of their staff work on assisting players, developing content, and testing game features before they are released. Abilities of a Jagex Moderator range from muting and banning other players, to teleporting to any location in RuneScape. Jagex Moderator accounts are used for work-related purposes.

They can be identified with a gold crown next to their name in chat, and a gold background in the RuneScape Forums. To become a Jagex Moderator, one has to submit a successful application for an available position at Jagex.


Jagex was founded in 2001, and originally consisted of a team of four employees.[2] Initially, a Jagex employee was expected to perform a range of tasks, from developing content, to answering player queries. As the company grew, staff were assigned more specific roles, and the company started developing games other than RuneScape, the game they have developed since 2001.[3] For example, the FunOrb game portal, also created by Jagex, was launched with 18 games in 2008.[4]

Roles and abilities

Once people begin working for Jagex, they are given Jagex Moderator accounts for work-related purposes. As of 27 June 2013, according to Forbes, Jagex has around 550 employees,[2] most of whom are members of their Customer Support team.[5][6] The Customer Support team aids players with account, billing, and technical issues,[7] such as login problems and account recovery. Other staff work on developing the content, graphics and audio of RuneScape.[5] Their Quality Assurance team suggests improvements to gameplay mechanics and content, and tests game content before it is released for any glitches, bugs, and errors.[8] Finally, Jagex's Marketing team tries to promote their games in certain regions or to certain demographics.[9]

Jagex Moderators have the ability to issue bans and permanent mutes, and modify their stats without gameplay. A dedicated team of Jagex employees also reviews forum mutes given by Forum Moderators, or any temporary mutes given by Player Moderators, to ensure that they are fair.[10][11] In addition, Jagex Moderators have the ability to use the rotten potato item in RuneScape. This item gives them the ability to teleport to any location, heal their stats, spawn monsters, and use the bank outside a banking environment. Jagex staff use the rotten potato for testing and tracking game bugs.[12]

Recognizing a Jagex Moderator

Refer to caption. The post has a gold background, and the words "Jagex Mod" appear below the moderator's name and chat head.

An example of a Jagex Moderator post on the RuneScape Forums

Jagex Moderators can be identified with a gold crown before their name in chat.[13] They typically have "Mod" at the beginning of their usernames; however, the accounts for Andrew, Paul, and Ian Gower do not. Andrew and Paul Gower are co-founders of Jagex, and Ian helped contribute to an early version of RuneScape in 1999.[14] In addition, on the RuneScape Forums, Jagex Moderator posts have a gold background.[13]

Jagex does not have any staff members working undercover, and states that Jagex Moderators will never ask community members for a password or contact players about their account in-game.[15] Jagex suggests reporting anyone who claims to be a Jagex Moderator, but does not have a gold crown next to their name, for "Jagex staff impersonation".[13] Impersonating a Jagex staff member is against the rules of RuneScape.[15]

Becoming a Jagex Moderator

Before becoming a Jagex Moderator, one has to submit a successful application for an available position at Jagex.[13] For a few years, employees had to be able to work in Jagex's United Kingdom offices, however, according to Jagex Moderator Regicidal, this is no longer the case.[16] Jagex says that "all of the roles within the company require a large amount of specialised training so only genuine and highly skilled candidates will be considered."[17]

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