Jai 1100
Total level 849
Combat level 144
Nationality Australia
Started playing 2004
Ended playing N/A
Influences Unknown
Known for Personality

Jai 1100 is a RuneScape player commonly found on Australian worlds. He began playing sometime in 2004 and is often seen in Zezima chat Riling up other players or sometimes offering advice. Jai 1100 has not always been very active and had several hiatus's, the first starting around mid 2006 and spanning until late 2006, the second starting at the twilight of Free trade and wildy and the Dawn of Bounty Hunter, This Hiatus ended in Early 2014.

Jai 1100 is usually found mining or woodcutting in world 108 and sometimes in world 3, Previously Jai 1100 was often seen at free to play Clan wars, pking or completing quests his intentions and/or goals are not known.


Jai 1100 is said to be Living somewhere in NSW, Australia.

Other Details

Most of Jai 1100's combat stats are between 60-80 and all Melee stats are between 70-80, Jai 1100's Highest non combat stat is Woodcutting which is around 75.

When Fighting in safe pvp zones (such as Duel Arena or Clan Wars.) Jai is usually seen dressed in a santa outfit. like a cloaked stranger (dark robes, grim hood.) or in a chicken outfit. Jai 1100 sometimes pretends to be a pure while pvping in clan wars or the duel arena wearing Black armour and Green Dragon hide Legs.


Jai 1100 is considered an Atheist or Agnostic and generally displays indifference to Religion in general, He's not fond of racism, sexism or really anything he considers offensive and sometimes can take jokes or satire too seriously, this can and does (trust me.) end in arguments. While in his presence it's always better to leave those more offensive jokes out and not to put anything down/insult things (this includes musical artists, movies, games, places or basically anything.) unless you're trying to get a rise out of him, if That's your goal It's likely you'll do so quite easily. He usually doesn't display aggression but can become aggravated and therefore it can sometimes be difficult to deal with him or on the other hand troll him because of his extremely volatile but Neutral/Passive-aggressive behavior.


Because of his inclination to argue Jai 1100 can sometimes put other players off, although rarely using offensive language and usually acting quite passively jai 1100 definitely has become quite infamous in zezima's chat and has actually spent more than 3 weeks of the last 5 or 6 muted.

Most of these offenses are for offensive language and many have been successfully appealed(apparently.) while a few are still pending.

Jai 1100 has also recently gained some Clones (or "impersonators" as he calls them.) That have chosen to make several accounts with similar names to "jai 1100" to mock and insult him as well as cause dismay and confusion in Zezima's chat.

Known clones

- Jai 1110 - Jai 11100 - Jai 11O0 - Jai 1101 - Jai 11110

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