Total level 2576
Combat level 200
Other names MT Pockets
Known for 200m Runecrafting, 200m Thieving, General Rank (Mod Mark Friend's chat)

Jas0n (previously known as MT Pockets) is a RuneScape Player Moderator. He is most known for his General rank in Mod Mark's Friends Chat. Jas0n has achieved 200 million Xp in both RuneCrafting and Thieving, and is currently rank 7 in RuneCrafting. 

He achieved 99 runecrafting in Dec, 2007 and then 26m runecrafting xp for front page on high scores in June, 2008. He continued Runecrafting nature runes via Spirit Graahk from 26m to 75m Runecrafting xp at which point, a bit of boredom set in and he headed to the Ourania (ZMI) Altar. 

Runespan was released when he had 190m Runecrafting experience and the decision was made to leave ZMI and train the remainder of his xp to 200m, so he could maintain his current runecrafting rank. It was a decision that had to be made because of the better gains Runespan offered.

Jas0n is also known for 200m thieving and recently maxed in late April 2014. He is also known for his obsessive addiction to popcorn.

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