Jean Poulet's 2013 hween outfit

Jean Poulet (previously known as leplombier83 and chikachika83) is an active RuneScape member who is administrator for a clan called "the t bar".

Early Years

First got the taste of RuneScape in RuneScape Classic, playing to waste time at school, then played in a f2p account by the name of "jean bleuet" in RuneScape 2 back in the days, but didn't get involved into the game seriously. Account was given to a friend. Then new account was created in summer 2006 by the name of chikachika83. Played a lot along with a good friend, known today as "h22killer". Slowly getting interested, the account was then upgraded to member. Previously member of the "RS stoners" clan, but eventually quit the clan due to inactivity.

Jean Poulet Today

Jean Poulet goes by the title of "the real", in memory of a friend's death in 2009. Is currently the holder of 14 skillcapes, 2400+ skill total, and over 270m total xp. Cash stack being around 100m, then got involved into grand exchange merching, and multiplied the wealth. Active and loyal to the clan "the t bar" lead by Bernet4, since 2012. Jean Poulet was a follower of Saradomin in the Battle of Lumbridge, but is a true follower of Zaros in the RuneScape lore.

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