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Jebrim, wearing an Agility cape, jumping off a wall
Nationality American
Started playing 2002
Influences Inuyasha8750[1]
S U O M I[1]
Skiller 703
Known for Having one billion Agility experience across his RuneScape and Old School RuneScape accounts
Being the first player to obtain level 99 Agility, and the maximum total level, in Old School RuneScape
Being ranked first overall in Old School RuneScape
King of the Skill winner for Agility

Jebrim is a player that attained one billion Agility experience across his RuneScape and Old School RuneScape accounts on 7 June 2020 by spreading the Agility experience across five accounts one at a time. He is also the first player to achieve the highest possible overall level of 2277 in Old School RuneScape on 27 October 2013. Jebrim first started playing in 2002, but only created his Jebrim I account, previously known as The1general and Agile Jebrim, in 2005. In 2017, he became the winner of the Old School RuneScape King of the Skill competition for the Agility skill, taking the first, second, fourth, and fifth ranks in the competition.[2]

Jebrim I is the third account to obtain 200 million Agility experience and is currently listed on the RuneScape hiscores as ranked first in the Agility skill. He has since obtained 200 million experience in the skill on two other accounts, Jebrim II and Jebrim III, and he has attained 100 million Agility experience on his Jebrim, or Jebrim IV account. On the same account in Old School RuneScape, he has also achieved another 100 million Agility experience, which combined with his RuneScape experience brings that account to 200 million experience. Since then, he has achieved 200 million Agility experience on his Jebrim V RuneScape account. This brings his total Agility experience across both versions of the game to one billion Agility experience.

Jebrim also has an additional 140 million Agility experience in RuneScape Classic, which, unlike his other accounts, was done simultaneously while training Agility on another account and thus isn't counted in the official experience tally.[3] On 14 March 2013, he became the first to obtain level 99 Agility in Old School RuneScape. On 18 July 2013, he became ranked first overall in Old School RuneScape.

Start and one billion Agility experience goal

Jebrim started playing RuneScape after discovering the game on RealArcade in 2002. He created several accounts during this period before creating his account now known as Jebrim I in 2005.[1]

Jebrim first started Agility in 2006 in order to meet the requirements for the Regicide quest. He enjoyed training the skill and continued to level his account up in the skill. By the turn of the year 2006 to 2007, he was ranked between 1900 and 2000 in the Agility hiscores with 80 Agility, and he decided he wanted to eventually get a single digit rank in the skill.[1] The next year, on 26 April 2008, he reached level 99 Agility.[4]

After obtaining 99 Agility, Jebrim initially decided to continue training the skill in order to increase his rank.[1] By the time he obtained 100 million Agility experience on 8 November 2008,[4] he was already ranked fourth in the skill. Approaching 200 million experience, he considered getting Runecrafting, his second favourite skill, to 200 million experience, but ultimately decided he did not want to stop doing Agility, stating: "I loved the skill and the community that I had created around the skill too much". Jebrim decided a month later that he would continue to train Agility towards a billion experience on five different accounts.[1]

Agility XP on each account
Account Agility XP Date achieved Courses used[4]
Jebrim I 200m 7 November 2009 Dorgesh-Kaan & Advanced Gnome Stronghold
Jebrim II 200m 6 November 2011 Brimhaven Arena & Advanced Barbarian Outpost
Jebrim III 200m 21 October 2012 Advanced Barbarian Outpost & Flash Powder Factory
Jebrim/Jebrim IV (RS3) 100m 15 July 2015 Flash Powder Factory
Jebrim V (RS3) 100m 20 February 2017 Flash Powder Factory
Jebrim/Jebrim IV (OSRS) 200m 7 June 2020 Ape Atoll, Ardougne, Brimhaven, Werewolf, & Prifddinas
Total 1b 7 June 2020 N/A

Jebrim states he has spent about 17 thousand hours training the skill.[4]

Agility records

Jebrim claims to have set the following Agility experience gain records excluding any previously stored experience (such as Brimhaven Agility Arena tickets, lamps, and Flash Powder Factory points).

Agility records
Course Time period
Experience gain
Hours awake Date span
Dorgesh-Kaan 7 7 140 23–30 September 2008
31 24.8 450+ 11 September – 12 October 2008
Advanced Barbarian Outpost 7 10 152 11–18 August 2010
Flash Powder Factory 7 14[5] 148 14–21 September 2012
31 55.5[6] 550+ 5 December 2012 – 5 January 2013

In 2010, he gained 16,000,000 Agility experience trading in 50,000 Brimhaven Agility Arena tickets without the use of Karamja gloves 2 or higher. These gloves give extra Agility experience when the Agility Arena tickets are exchanged. In 2018, on Old School RuneScape, he traded in over 60,000 tickets to obtain 40,000,000 Agility experience at once.

RuneScape Classic and Old School RuneScape career

In August 2011, Jebrim started training Agility in RuneScape Classic.[3] He attained level 99 Agility on 6 November 2011, several minutes after he obtained 200 million experience in Agility on his second RuneScape account.[7] On 18 May 2012, he obtained 50 million experience in the skill. On 26 July 2014, Jebrim obtained 100 million Agility experience in RuneScape Classic.[4] Jebrim usually trains the skill in world one, and he typically plays RuneScape Classic in conjunction with Old School RuneScape or RuneScape. He plans on getting 200 million Agility experience in RuneScape Classic.[3]

On 14 March 2013 in Old School RuneScape, Jebrim became the first person to achieve 99 Agility. He was ranked first in the skill for around 23 days before losing his position. He accomplished his goal of being the first to achieve the maximum total level on 27 October 2013, after achieving 99 Construction.[8][9] He has since returned to completing his one billion experience in Agility goal. As of 15 July 2015, Jebrim IV has a maximum total level of 2277, exactly 400 million Overall experience, and is ranked sixty-seventh in the game.[10]


Jebrim was the owner of the clan TMOA (which stands for True Masters of Agility). TMOA is a now defunct skilling clan comprised of members who were attempting to attain 200 million experience in skills between 2010 and 2013.[11]

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