Jeffery, also known as JimmyBobby, started playing RuneScape in 2005. Jeffery is known for being in world 36 all the time, except for when he is thieving where he'll be in W59. Jeffery is also known for his player looking like a Mexican, and planting his banner in W48 during reset at divine yews. He also invented the phase "I Cleen" and is known for wearing a broomstick and sweeping with it quite often. Jeffery also hosts Warbands for Slayer Nest. He attended RuneFest 2013 where he obtained the username Jeffery.


Jeffery has achieved 200 million XP in all skills in RuneScape 3.


Jeffery does Warbands and is a General in The Slayer Nest Fc along with Hopalong and MrEmmaWatson.


Known for his Youtube/Twitch streaming, Jeffery (RsJimmybobby) streamed himself getting to 85 Slayer in Old School RuneScape. In the first 2 months of Old School RuneScape being released he was known for giving out a lot of items to players in a giveaway. His YouTube videos consist of helpful guides.

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