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The chat head of Jiblix in-game. Jiblix has a long blond beard, long blond hair, and he is wearing a brown hat with a skull imprinted on it.
Total level 2469 (as of 23 May 2013)
Combat level 138
Nationality American[1]
Started playing 2005 or mid-2006
Influences Mister Fred
Known for Making the video "Is this the good deal?"

Jiblix is a player who used to be well known for uploading a video called "Is this the good deal?" to YouTube, but has now faded into obscurity. Jiblix started playing in mid-2006, and created his "Jiblix" account around 2008. He created a YouTube channel in 2008, where he posted videos about some of his achievements in-game. A video he published in 2011, "Is this the good deal?", featured many bots performing an assortment of tasks in-game, and helped result in him getting his Dual Moderator status removed. Jiblix quit in 2011, but temporarily returned to the game in 2013. He still logs in infrequently to try out new updates and craft air runes.

RuneScape career

Jiblix began playing RuneScape in 2005 or mid-2006,[nb 1] but he only created his "Jiblix" account around 2008. He first started his account as a skill pure, and obtained his first level 99 skill in Woodcutting on 17 July 2008.[2] He stated in an interview that Mister Fred, the first pure skiller to obtain 99 Runcrafting, inspired him to create a skill pure. Jiblix's original goal was to obtain level 99 in all non-combat skills, but he modified it after he gained level 5 combat by accident while training Dungeoneering. He subsequently decided to pursue attaining level 99 in all skills.[3]

Jiblix created a YouTube channel on 21 March 2008 that documented some of his achievements in the game.[4] On 15 August 2011, he posted a video on YouTube titled "Is this the good deal?". The video featured numerous bots performing various tasks, such as mining at the Mining Guild and the Living Rock Caverns, woodcutting Draynor Village willow trees, and repeatedly sending spam. At the end of the video, a screenshot of a RuneScape news post asking players to vote for RuneScape in the Golden Joystick Award category for "Best Free to Play Game" was shown, along with the message "They don't deserve to win this year."[5] Jiblix said that the intention of the video was "to bring awareness of the game's fundamental problems to [Golden Joystick Award] voters so that they could cast an educated vote", and that he wanted to show players how problematic botting really was in the game.[6] RuneScape finished in third place for the Golden Joystick Award category that year, after League of Legends, and World of Tanks.[7]

Before posting the video, Jiblix was a Dual Moderator, meaning he was both a Player and Forum Moderator. Jagex removed his Dual Moderator status after he published the video; Jiblix was told this was because he discouraged players from voting for RuneScape in the Golden Joystick Awards, and because they wanted their moderators going in the same direction as them. There were riots in Falador and the RuneScape Forums in protest of Jagex's decision and against botting.[6]

In 2011, Jiblix retired from the game.[8] He returned briefly during 2013, but he has once again quit, explaining: "I have no desire to play anymore and have moved on with my life." He also abandoned his goal to obtain level 99 in all skills.[9] As of 21 September 2014, he has a total level of 2529, with 378 million overall experience.[10]


Is this the good deal?

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  1. On Reddit, he stated he started playing in 2005. In an interview with RunePlanet, however, he stated he started playing in mid-2006.


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