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Combat level 137[1]

Jiblix is a player having rank under 5,000 on RuneScape highscores. He is well known for uploading a short video "Is this the good deal?" to YouTube in August 2011.

He was once a Player and Forum Moderator, Although Jagex removed his Dual-Moderator status because of this video, and the reason was related to bots. He made this video in response to serious macroing problems on RuneScape, although Jagex did almost nothing dealing with them. Jagex even asked players to vote for RuneScape in Golden Joystick Awards. He quit as a result of this incident.

The video "Is this the good deal?" : thumb|500px|left

Fellow moderator Ken genosis was demodded months after Jiblix for also speaking out against Jagex.


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