Jitterbug (Also known as Rebecca) is a female player from Tasmania, Australia. She started RuneScape in September 2001. She was introduced to RuneScape by her brother Dmonik. During their early months of RuneScape, they both fought each other for the top highscore in mining. In the end, Jitterbug had passed his highscore by 7 levels and Dmonik quit playing RuneScape for World of Warcraft 'out of boredom.' It has since been recorded that Dmonik currently plays Oldschool RuneScape. Jitterbug is known for creating RuneScape videos featuring in some Tehnoobshow, Ant1venom and Fat Wrecked videos. She also created her own videos however interest for RuneScape created skits has since diminished.

She is also known for buying back and saving Fat Wrecked's (Ashley) YouTube account from hackers back in 2010 to protect his legacy. She gave the account back to his father Tony. Ant1venom, Tootiseroll2 and Jitterbug all played a big part in obtaining the account and protecting it. In the end, they decided together that it would be best to rescue the videos from old files saved to Ashley's computer and upload them again to Tony's YouTube account millertas. Afterwards, Tony shut down his son's YouTube account to avoid further attempted hacks.  

Jitterbug is part of the clan Catherby (previously known as NGoR - National Guard of RuneScape established in 2003.) Before that, she was in Spirits of Arianwyn for 7 years before leaving and being clanless for 2 years. She was a regular visitor to the NGoR forums back in 2005 which is why she ended up joining them mid 2017.  

Jitterbug claims that her current goal is finally achieving her maxed cape.

 Personal Life

Jitterbug lives in a small country town in Tasmania, Australia with her husband and daughter. For a living they both do telecommunications for a large national Internet Service Provider.

Jitterbug was Invghost's partner from 2009 to 2012 in real life.


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