Jordhan MK
Combat level 125
Started playing 2008
Known for Being the first player with 1000 and 2000 posts in Brazilian forum.

Jordhan MK (currently known as Eucalipto) is a RuneScape player the first player who is very active in Brazilian Forum. He is the first person to archieve 1.000 and 2.000 posts in Brazilian/Portuguese forum, and the second to archieve 3000.

Jordhan MK have others conquests. One of the player to defeat Nomad with less combat 100. He's defeat with level 96. Defeated in second day after Nomad's Requiem release.

Jordhan MK and Quest Cape

Quest cape is the first cape archieved. Archieved in 09/10/09, with 289 quest points. Your last quest before quest cape, is the Olaf's Quest, Where his friend Tyrannogui, accompanied doing.

A curiosity is, the Jordhan MK's War tortoise killed the Nomad. Very Lucky!


  • Jordhan MK when it has achieved for the first time all quest points (With While Guthix Sleep and Smoking Kills released), He was combat level 83 in free, 87 member, because summon.
  • Jordhan MK just changed your RuneScape name for UnareHaineko, and your actually name is Eucalipto.
  • UnareHaineko resemble the anime's Bleach, Haineko is the Matsumoto's Zanpakutou.
  • Eucalipto is the Brazilian translate of Eucaliptus.
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