Julien is a known player by people that hang around in Munclesonkey's friend chat, which he now owns due to Munclesonkey quitting and having Julien hold the name for him.

Julien is also a streamer on Twitch where he usually streams the progress on his ironman which is the account currently holding the name for Munclesonkey.

His Twitch channel has currently 102 followers and 2,800 views as of 16 March 2017.

His main account has so far accomplished a total of 1.9 billion total experience, and the completionist cape.

The skills he has the most experience in are Thieving and Dungeoneering, where he has 200,000,000 in both.

He also has an Ironman account, which holds the Munclesonkey name, and it currently has a total level of 2,005 and 47,124,139 total XP.

If Julien would describe himself, it'd be like this:

let me tell you something about myself. I'm an 18 year old guy living on planet Earth. I really like computers and anything tech related. If you have any questions about PC's or whatsoever feel free to ask! :D
— Julien


The name Julien comes from his in real life name that he later choose to also represent his RuneScape character.

Even though Julien is from The Netherlands, he's not a drug addict - believe it or not. Although, he has a strong passion for chocolate.

Some may say that Julien actually is from the United States, due to his flawless English, but that's not the case.

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