Who is Just 9hp?

Just 9hp (formerly known as Under 10) was a 9 Constitution (Hitpoints) Skiller player on Runescape 3.


Runescape History

Just 9hp began his Runescape journey in 2002 after being introduced to the game by his cousin. The 9HP Skiller you see today was merely made as an extra item account (a mule) back in the early days. He has made many accounts over the years, but his other active accounts in the current consist of "Growls" - his RS3 Main and OSRS/Deadman Account, and "Baphomet" - his RS3 Level 3 Ironman. He also used to own "Just 9 HP", a 9hp pure with over 2400 total level.

Current Information

Just 9hp is a member of the clan Hitpoint Hierarchy, he spends his time raising his skills and socializing with clan members and other players around the world of Runescape. His home world is 84. He has a total level of over 1200 and growing. You can commonly find him bank-standing at the Grand Exchange. He also competes in the OSRS League Modes!

More Information About Just 9hp

Some other random information about Just 9hp is that he was an original member of the M40A3 Gaming Team and Mythological Gaming for Call of Duty on Xbox. He also plays on Xbox One, PC, and Switch playing games such as Call of Duty, TES:Skyrim, Fallout 4/76, CS:GO, and Animal Crossing.

How obtaining 9 Constitution/HP is possible

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In RS1, the exp table was set to 1,000 exp to obtain level 10 in any skill. When RS2 was released, the exp table was changed, raising the exp requirements for level 10 in a skill to 1,154 exp. This meant that any characters with less than 1154 Hitpoints experience in RuneScape Classic (RS1) were transferred to RuneScape 2 with only 9 Hitpoints (or Constitution today).

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