Just Fight was an American tank mage created in Classic sometime before September 2003. He had taken the basic idea of the tank mage character build from some of the founders of mage staking: Pur3 G0dd3ss, Schmo0, Maaaaaaage, Darkrulzall, and the infamous iban staff user il666ll. 

After making a considerable amount of GP from mining and smithing on his main account and growing bored of PKing on f2p/p2p with his pure account With Honor he decided to run with the idea of a pure mage. After witnessing the account Pur3 G0dd3ss slaughter several characters for high priced items using level 55-60 spells in stakes he was convinced this was the new path to follow.

Luckily the year 2003 was around the time when Mage Arena had been introduced into the game and the concept of a tank mage was still relatively unknown. As a result anyone was willing to stake expensive items to a low level player without realizing that a combat level 28 could have 40 defense and 77 magic with potential damage consisting of 25 as a result of choosing a staff from the Mage Arena Quest.

A few months later when non-tank mages caught onto the concept and would no longer stake he would commonly wear monks robes and wield a crossbow or poisoned rune throwing knife which required no specific attack level to wield. This would often trick a high level pure into falsely believing that they had the upper advantage and when the duel terms were accepted, he would quickly switch to rune armour and cast the guthix spell.

When word spread on forums and the majority of accounts would no longer stake he created a second mage with the stats 1 attack, 60 defense, 1 strength, and 77 magic under the username "Rot in Time" -- this account was a lower combat level and was not famous within the Runescape p2p community. 

A few months after winning millions in items through p2p stakes his fortune would decline due to the great Party Hat glitch which immediately made items such as the Pink Party Hat lose the majority of their former value.

He would later retire from Runescape and MMOs entirely when RSC and RS became two separate games which eventually forced players to transfer their hard earned items to one game.

Accounts: Fogies11, Just Fight, Rot In Time, and With Honor

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