Jzny04 is a true runescape veteran, having played runescape since 2001, although the exact month is unknown.

He is known by many, but known well by few due to the often long gaps between playing.

Although being a reasonable fighter, he is primarily a skiller and above all else he is a quester. He was in possession of the quest cape until his most recent break around 2006 in which he took a 6 year break from the game. He only recently started appearing in the game as a non-member around May of 2012 and renewed his member status in June of the same year.

Currently, he can be found virtually everywhere in the game as he attempts to finish up all the quests that have piled up in his absence. His current goals are to achieve at least lvl 80 in all non-combat stats, a lvl 138 combat lvl so he stops getting killed so much in castle wars and the fist of guthix, and lastly to complete all the quests and reclaim his cape.

Despite returning to active membership he still doesn't play on a daily basis and when he does play he often keeps his private chat turned off. He is primarily a solo player now adays, despite having started numerous clans in the old days of runescape with his good friends that have now quit.

When he is playing he can be found all across runescape, but most recently he has been spotted in the Runespan on the top floor, in Ardougne, skilling thieving, or in Varrock square doing alchemy. As well as this, he will often be seen lending a hand to anyone that comes to him asking for help.

More recently he has also taken an interest in completing all the tasks in the game and has close to 500 of them complete, he feels that the task system is a lot like an extension of quests.

Jzny04 (now known as Super Jzny04) has described himself as a perfectionist that just doesn't have enough time to get everything done in the game, he's also very impatient and as such can often be seen alternating between the skills he trains every half hour at times.

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