KarimBenzema is a dutch RuneScape 3 player and has a total of 5.4B total experience. He currently has 200M in all the skills except archaeology. He is known for being very bad at PVMING and is often being flamed at because of his lack of knowledge. 


He is most proud of obtaining his green partyhat which he won via the sand casino. It's the one item he'll never let go, or never sell if he ever needed the money. Legends say he would rather die than losing his expensive piece of paper.


KarimBenzema started his PVP debut in the friends chat "Oblivion PK" aka Shia 313 FC. He mostly leeched in the FC and got killed several times by other enemies. One thing he is known for is swapping to the war world but not helping his FC during war. But this did not work because he was eventually caught not being in the war when the star rank Cyo aka Benjamin see image below  caught him redhanded and punished him.


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