Total level RS3: 2396

OSRS: 1333

Combat level RS3: 200

OSRS: 90

Started playing 2006
Known for Player Moderator status

Katcodidit91 (also known as "Kat") is a RuneScape player moderator.

Kat first started playing RuneScape in October of 2006. She was known for being helpful during the early stages of RuneScape's development as a game.

She has been a Player Moderator since December of 2006.

She is currently ranked in Jake's friend's chat channel and can often be found in world 77, 12, and 15.

She currently has 13 skills that are at level 99. One of those skills is Dungeoneering , which she is currently at a level of 101. She is currently going for 120 Dungeoneering.


Kat is often asked how she came to have her username, "Katcodidit91". She stated that her mother made the name up several years ago before she had even heard of the internet. After she was introduced to the internet, she used that username for most of her online aliases and has stuck with it since then. She also says that the numerical value, "91" in her username simply stands for her birth year of 1991. She has no intention of changing her username.

Player Moderator

Kat is known for her Player Moderator status. She is mainly known for it because of the short timespan between her start time and the day she became a moderator, with her only having 3 months worth of playtime before becoming a Player Moderator. During these 3 months, she helped out players whenever she could and thus, with her contribution to the community, she was crowned as a Player Moderator by Jagex.

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