Katie Wilde
Katie Wilde
Started playing 16 November 2009
Known for Being a Prayer pure

Katie Wilde is a RuneScape player who started playing in 2009. Currently her Home world is 115. Not much is known off Miss Wilde she's commonly found in the Grand Exchange or in the middle of a farm run.

She has a sibling that interestingly enough is a prayer pure better known as Sarah Wilde.

Katie Wilde usually wears the same outfit, Saradomin/Zamorak Halo, Default Top, Default Bottom, Default Boots, Demon Horn Necklace, Gloves(yellow), Training Bow, Trimmed Prayer Skillcape, and a Ring of Life.

Down below are video sightings of Katie Wilde.


Level 15 with 99 Dungeoneering!!

A spotting Of Katie Wilde


Level 15 with 99 prayer and dung

Katie Wilde seen emoting at edge

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