Kaz Drakkor Succesfully Slaying Vorago

Kaz Drakkor is a RuneScape player. He is often at the front lines of the hardest bosses with his notorious Full Torva Set and his twin Drygore Longswords, shedding the blood of his enemies at close range. Kaz Drakkor is highly skilled at DPS (Damage Per Second) and highly efficient at cleaving enemies in large swathes.

The best thing to please Kaz is by praising his name thus causing him to inflict MUCH more DPS, which is great since Kaz's favorite pastime is to slay anything with breath and a pulse.

The best place to find Kaz is at the front of ANY conflict, toe-to-toe with any monster, usually the best hardest ones. Kaz likes the challenge of combat, but he usually laughs at the victim, as they often have no chance.


Kaz Drakkor, being a warrior of Melee and Honor, has a noticeably passionate hatred of magic users, which he often calls "Pansy mages 

Kaz Drakkor Performing the "Kaz Emote"

Kaz Drakkor in his Clan Army Of Kaz Drakkor

". He attempts to show them the error of their ways, which means he kills them... violently.

The Crashing of Vorago PVM

He died at phase 1 trying to crash them. Ask ranks for more info. 

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