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Kent Knifen
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Total level 2594
Combat level 138
Other names Kentt, VC Kent
Nationality American
Started playing 2010
Known for Creating Viking Clan

Runescape Players Wiki Admin

Clan Viking Clan

Kent Knifen (Kent Knifen on the RuneScape Players Wiki as well), is a RuneScape player credited with creating Viking Clan. He began playing in the summer of 2010, just a few months after the release of Dungeoneering skill.

Fansite Work

Kent Knifen first joined the RuneScape Players Wiki in September 2013. He created this page, made several minor edits to other pages, then left the wiki for over a year and a half.

In May of 2015, Kent Knifen returned to the RuneScape Players Wiki after receiving a notice that his page had been edited. The edit in question turned out to be malicious, having been made by someone who had also vandalized several other pages. After removing the vandalism from these pages, Kent saw the current state of the rest of the wiki, and began repairing years worth of vandalism.

In June of 2015, Kent received a thank you from the RSP Wiki Admins for his contributions and vigilance. On August 20th 2015, Kent was granted Admin powers on this Wiki.

On September 16, 2015, Kent Knifen teamed up with other players to create the DarkScape Wiki on the same day that DarkScape was released. He was given Admin-tier rights to the site in part because of his experience of being an Admin on the Runescape Players Wiki. After the closure of DarkScape, Kent volunteered to continue to check in on the Wiki periodically, to clean up any vandalism.

On April 6, 2016, Kent Knifen helped form the Runescape: Idle Adventures Wiki.

Contributions to Idle Adventures

Kent Knifen was granted first-wave closed-beta access to Jagex's new product Runescape: Idle Adventures. He worked closely with the developers to help balance game mechanics, track down bugs, and even create strategy guides on the Idle Adventures Wiki.

Viking Clan

As a new player, Kent was fascinated with the concept of clans, though very few clans would accept him, due to his fairly low combat stats at the time.

Annoyed at being turned down by several clans, he and his brother, Hydromi Tad, created their own clan, which they named Viking Clan. "Viking" due to their slight Scandinavian ancestry, and "Clan" to designate they were a clan, not a non-warring Guild.

They made the entry requirements clear: None. Anyone may join, even if you had just finished the tutorial, and you would only be removed for breaking the clan rules or the rules of RuneScape. Their clan became popular very quickly, reaching over 380 members at its peak.

In May 2016, due to people advising him to do so, he removed approximately 100 inactive players in an effort to get more members into the clan.

His clan currently has just under 1.5 billion total experience and 243 people (as of early May 2016), and is ranked in the top 3% of all RuneScape Clans.

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