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Kent Knifen.png
Total level 2100
Combat level 132
Nationality American
Started playing 2010
Known for The founding of Viking Clan
Clan Viking Clan

Kentt is a RuneScape player credited for the founding of Viking Clan, which now spans across multiple games. He began playing in 2010, just months after the release of Dungeoneering.

Currently, Kentt helps keep this wiki free of vandalism, under the name of Kent Knifen

Viking Clan

As a new player, Kentt was fascinated with the concept of clans, though very few clans would accept him, due to his fairly low combat stats at the time.

Annoyed at being turned down by several clans, he and his brother, Hydromi Tad, created their own clan, which they named Viking Clan. "Viking" due to their slight Scandinavian ancestry, and "Clan" to designate they were a clan, not a non-warring Guild.

They made the entry requirements clear: None. Anyone may join, even if you had just finished the tutorial, and you would only be removed for breaking clan/Jagex rules. Their clan became popular very quickly, reaching over 380 members.

His clan currently has over 1.5 billion total experience, and is ranked in the top 2% of all Runescape Clans.